Troubleshooting and Reading Surface Hub Logs

By | January 27, 2019

This article is one I thought I had written ages ago, but didn’t. So, here it is.

Got a Surface hub that wont sign in to Skype and you cant figure out why?

Well first make sure you can sign in with a normal Skype client 99% of Surface Hub issues are because of DNS or Certificates

Keep in mind a Surface Hub signs in like the Windows Modern Skype client (remember that thing) so there are a few extra requirements

You can also test the account using the old school offline Lync Connectivity Analyzer tool.
Thanks to Martin Boam for hosting a link after its retirement here

If your still stuck. You can then collect logs from the Surface Hub itself, you will need to plug a USB stick into the right side usb port.
The ports underneath will not work

On the Surface Hub navigate to Settings > Update and Security > Recovery and click on Collect Logs

This will take a while as it collects logs and system information but eventually it will spit out a file similar to Logs_HostName_2019_01_26-04-47-58

Once you have the ZIP file you can extract it and then find logs in %logfilefolder%\skype\PPISkype-Lync-0.Lynclog

Open this lynclog file in Snooper as you would a standard uccapilog file

Start reading.(if you need a hand with snooper, there is a great guide over here)

Oh I’ve had one scenario where the unit didn’t log any sip messages or DNS resolution in the UCCAPI logs. Turns out it was a routing issue to the Reverse Proxy.

Hope this helps.

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