Teams Phone Handsets, Native, SIP and 3PIP compared!

My meeting background, and collection of phones

In a previous post. you might have noticed I was pretty excited to see that the SIP Gateway for Microsoft Teams has launched. While limited, this allows for a ton of customers to re-use their existing fleets of supported handsets.

One of the things I have been asked a few times by my customers is “Should I keep my phones on 3PIP or move them over to SIP?”
12 months ago, my answer would have been no. But there have been considerable improvements to the SIP gateway that it is now (mostly) on par with 3PIP bar a few features.

  • Calendar / One Touch Meeting Join
  • Personal Contact Integration
  • Corporate Directory Search
  • Search by name
  • User Status Integration

You should pay attention here. Because 3PIP is ending on July 31st 2023.

Unfortunately, in August of 2020, Microsoft announced that 3PIP would be supported “Beyond 2023” and has had a confusing message since then. The point of the matter is that 3PIP is going away, and you need to prepare!

My biggest issue with this question was there was no good answer here, no table I can point at that say “That feature is missing” like Luca’s awesome “Skype Vs Teams” comparison sheet. Thus, I spent a year making one.

Fine, I’ll do it myself (Art of me by a friend)


It should be noted that Ilya Bukshteyn (Teams Devices Lead) himself has publicly stated that in regards to 3PIP phones “They will not support any new Teams capabilities, ever.” Meaning they will get their existing Skype4B features and that’s it.

This document is up to date based on my testing/documentation available on 19th March 2023, using either documentation I’ve found online, or seen in my test handsets/deployments. But some of my 3PIP information is missing as my 3PIP phones will no longer sign into my tenant

All features are based on registration to Teams without using a third-party product. for example, SIP phones CAN have an address book via a provisioning server, but Teams doesn’t natively manage this.

If you want to use your own provisioning server with SIP phones, it should be noted that whilst they can have it configured, that process is not documented by Microsoft. But is something I’ll likely write up, once my Reverse Engineering Teams SIP Gateway series is complete

It’s also worth mentioning that SIP devices are not unified, So whilst some SIP devices may support a feature, others may not.

Deciphering Teams Firmware Numbers

In regards to Teams firmware numbers, the part we care about is the date on the end.

Phones Tested

To try and help the relevant people find this article, it’s worth mentioning the phones I’ve tested/seen or found references to in the official documentation and what modes are available that will work with Teams.

Lync Phone Edtion DevicesTeams Phone Mode3PIP ModeSIP ModeNotes
4110 and 4120
6721 and 6725
CX500, CX600 CX3000
NoNoNoUses Lync Phone Edition and Windows CE, Not supported due to OS TLS limitations, even with an SBC
Polycom/Poly/HPTeams Phone Mode3PIP ModeSIP ModeNotes
VVX series
NoYes (Deprecated)Yes (best)Supports more features in 3PIP mode, but is simpler to manage in SIP mode using TAC and using Poly Lens/PDMSE.

VVX1500 not supported
Rove Series
Base: B1, B2, B4
Handset: 20, 30, 40
NoNoYes (Fw 8.0.3 or better)Simplest Wireless Option for Teams, Config guide here
CCX Series,
Yes (Best)Yes (Avoid)No (The device has a SIP mode, but it’s not supported by Teams)Whilst the CCX series can be used in 3pip mode. it’s highly recommended to use Teams mode. Early issues with slowness have been resolved.
Yes (Best)TBDNo
Yes (Slow, no video)Yes (Deprecated, Teams Video using RealConnect)YesRun in 3PIP mode with Poly RealConnect for the best experience, Teams mode is very slow and does not support Video

RealConnect may work in SIP mode, I haven’t tested it
CiscoTeams Phone Mode3PIP ModeSIP ModeNotes
UC Phone
NoNoYes (MPP Fw required)Devices must be converted to MPP (SIP) firmware, which requires a license from Cisco. In most cases, it may be simpler/cheaper to replace the handsets with old VVX or new Teams Phone devices.

For a full list of supported devices see Docs.Microsoft
YealinkTeams Phone Mode3PIP ModeSIP ModeNotes
Expansion Modules
Yes (Best)Not TestedNot TestedExpansion Panel Supported on MP56, MP58 and VP59
MP Series
Yes (Best)NoNo
VP Series
Yes (Best)
Video and HDMI out!
NoNoNote, despite supporting meeting room like features and previously being marketed as “MTR Lite”, this is NOT an MTRoA Meeting Room device.
CP Series
YesNoNoAudio Only Conf Phone
T Series
NoSomeYes (Best)Avoid 3PIP mode on these, it was very short-lived and required faffing about with a licence. Jump straight to SIP
W Series
NoNoYes (Best)

To the Features!

Basic Calling

FeatureTeams Phone3PIPSIPNotes
Make and Recieve Voice CallsYesYesYes
Make and Recieve Video CallsYesNoNo
Call ParkYesTBDNo**Phone attempts to dial *68(parkcode) and fails
Call Waiting (receive second call)YesYesYes
Blind Transfer to ContactYesYesNoNo native contacts on SIP
Blind Transfer to NumberYesYesYes
Blind Transfer to NameYesYesNoNo name search on SIP
Consult Transfer to ContactYesYesNo No native contacts on SIP
Consult Transfer to NumberYesYesYes
Consult Transfer to NameYesYesNoNo name search on SIP
Transfer Direct to VoicemailYes*NoNo* Requires 2021022403 or better
Add 3rd party to existing 2 party callYesYesYes
Bridge 2 calls (Conference)YesSortaYes
Do Not DisturbYesYes*Yes**Will not set DND on Teams Client, Calls will still ring other endpoints
Teams Walkie TalkieYesNoNo
Multicast Paging (aka SIP Paging)NoYes*Yes** Vendor-specific multicast paging. Separate from Teams.

Note: Teams Walkie Talkie and Multicast Paging are not compatible, IE a user using Teams Walkie Talkie cannot Page a user using Multicast Paging.

Advanced Call Routing

FeatureTeams Phone3PIPSIPNotes
Call Divert on BusyYesTBDYes**using *34* codes
Call Divert on No AnswerYesTBDYes**using *34*
Call Divert AllYesTBDYes**using *33*
Native Call Park / RetrieveYesNoNo**Phone attempts to dial *68(parkcode) and fails
Set User StatusYesNoNo
One Button VoicemailYesYesYes
Visual VoicemailYesNoNo
Transfer to Another DeviceYesNoNoThis is another device signed in as the same user, IE the Teams Desktop Client, Mobile client or another desk phone
* Requires 2021051303 or better
Make Call as DelegateYesTBDNo
Receive Call as DelegateYesTBDYes** Shows Orignal Caller ID, No indication its a Delegated Call
Group Call PickupYesTBDYes** Shows Orignal Caller ID, No indication its a Group Call
Participate in Call QueuesBestBuggy*Yes* Requires “Conference” mode to be disabled
Opt In/Out of Call QueueYes*NoNo*Its buried under calling settings but its there
Emergency Calls while lockedYesYesN/A(Handset must still be signed in!)
Dynamic Location for E911Yes*NoYes+*Requires 2021022403 or better

+ Certain devices only, see for more info
Teams SBA SupportYes*NoYes+* Direct Routing Only

+ Vendor-specific solution, external to Teams.
Yealink and AudioCodes have more info. Poly can use a second-line registered to an SBC
Network Issues BannerYes*NoNoWarns user if the network is causing quality issues
* Requires 2020051601 or better

Contact Management

FeatureTeams Phone3PIPSIPNotes
Call HistorySyncedTBDNo, Device Only
Contact Sync with Teams ClientYesTBDNoAlex has a tool to populate contacts here
Search Corporate PhonebookYesYesNoNeed to check on VVX
Contact Pictures from ADYesYesNo
Presence Integration (See/Set presence from handset)YesYesNo
Transfer to SpeeddialYesYesYes
Native Sidecar/BLF Expansion Module supportYes*NoNo* Requires 2020111101 or better
Sidecar Contact ManagementYesSpeed Dial Only
External to Teams
Speed Dial Only
External to Teams
Sidecars are not supported on anything but Teams mode, if you use a sidecar and configure it by hand it will work for transfers, but will not show line status.
Transfer to BLF ContactYesYes (Speed dial Only, no BLF)Yes (Speed dial Only, no BLF)Sidecars are not supported on anything but Teams mode, if you use a sidecar and configure it by hand it will work for transfers, but will not show line status


FeatureTeams Phone3PIPSIPNotes
Personal Video SupportYesNoNo
Calendar integration / RemindersYes*YesNo* Requires 2020071702 or better
One-Touch Meeting JoinYes*YesNo* Requires 2020071702 or better
“Meet Now” supportYes*NoNoInitiating a meeting on the device
* Requires 2020111101 or better
Add/Remove Meeting ParticipantYesTBDNo
Proximity Join aka “Teams Casting”Yes*NoNo * Meeting room phones only!
Integration with PC meeting join dialogYesNoNo(Ability to select the handset as an audio/video device when joining a meeting from the Windows client)
Device rings on “Request to Join” meetingYesTBDTBDThis is when someone asks you to join a meeting when you are running late
Live CaptionsYes*NoNo* Requires 2020051601 or better
Raise HandYesNoNo

PC Integration

FeatureTeams Phone3PIPSIPNotes
Better Together (via USB)NoNoNoThis was an LPE only feature, and wont be coming to Teams
Better Together over EthernetNoNoNoBToE was a Poly specific feature for Lync/Skype
Better Together (via Bluetooth)YesNoNo* Windows clients with Bluetooth and in BTLE range of a bluetooth enabled handset only
(No pairing is required and comms are NOT sent via Bluetooth, see Jeff’s blog for more)
Proximity Join aka “Teams Casting”NoNoNoThis is a Teams Meeting Room Feature and will unlikely come to handsets
Lock/Unlock with PCYes*NoNo* 2020051601 or better, requires Better Together
Click to CallNoNo


FeatureTeams Phone3PIPSIPNotes
Modern Auth Support (MFA)YesYes
Hot DeskingYesNoNo
Username / Password Sign inYesNo++ Must be signed in via TAC
Web Sign-inYes*No+* Requires 2021022403 or better
+ Must be signed in via TAC
Provision by MAC in TACYesNoYes* Requires 2021022403 or better
Change Handset Admin PasswordYesVendor Specific*Vendor Specific** Requires provisioning server, but can be done on some handsets
Configure Screen LockYesVendor Specific*Vendor Specific** Requires provisioning server, but can be done on some handsets


FeatureTeams Phone3PIPSIPNotes
Firmware ManagementYes, Managed by MicrosoftYes, Provisioning ServerYes, Managed by Microsoft**Poly Rove is managed directly by Poly
Enable / Disable PC PortYesVendor Specific*Vendor Specific*Requires provisioning server, but can be done
Log Upload to Teams PortalYesNoNo
Remote Sign in via TACYesNoRequired
Remote Sign Out via TACYes*NoYes*2021101205 or better
Integration with Azure Company PortalYesTBDNo


FeatureTeams Phone3PIPSIPNotes
Local Provisioning via FTPNo*YesYes+, see note* Only some basic settings can be set using vendor tools. All Teams related settings are in the Teams Portal

+ SIP handsets must be provisioned by the SIP Gateway, however, you can provision them locally and then handoff to the SIP Gateway provisioning file.
Provisioning from phone vendor cloudNo*YesYes+, see note* Only some basic settings can be set using vendor tools. All Teams related settings are in the Teams Portal

+ SIP handsets must be provisioned by the SIP Gateway, however, you can provision them locally and then handoff to the SIP Gateway provisioning file.
Provisioning in Teams Admin PanelYesNoYes
Supports moving from Skype to Teams without reconfigurationN/AYesNo


FeatureTeams Phone3PIPSIPNotes
Encrypted SignalingYesYesYes
Encrypted MediaYesYesYes
Silk HighYesYes
Silk LowYesYes

Further Customisation

FeatureTeams Phone3PIPSIPNotes
Custom Call Progress TonesNoYesYes** Requires 2 step provisioning if handset supports it (VVX)
Custom ScreenSaverVendor SpecificVendor SpecificVendor Specific
Custom BackgroundVendor SpecificVendor SpecificVendor Specific

Plan SIP Gateway – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Skype for Business Certified IP Phones with Microsoft Teams – Page 2 – Microsoft Tech Community

Optimising the Polycom VVX for Lync/SfB |

Polycom VVX firmware v5 – now with BToE! |

Provisioning Polycom SIP Phones (

Microsoft Teams Phones – 2021 Update 1 : Jeff Schertz’s Blog

What’s new in Microsoft Teams devices

SIP Gateway is here! Lets take a look with my Poly VVX400, Yealink T48G and AudioCodes 440HD – Martin Boam’s Microsoft Blog (

7 thoughts on “Teams Phone Handsets, Native, SIP and 3PIP compared!

  1. Mr Mark Lawton

    You have quoted “Search Corporate Phonebook” as available with a Teams Phone – I assume you mean you are able to search AD for internal contacts?

    Do you have any view on whether we will ever get a central contact database for external contacts that are searchable and transferable within Teams?

  2. Julian Brunner

    Great comparison list!
    Altough the yealink mp-series has a feature called “hybrid mode” in which you can register a sip-line, so it actually supports sip.

    1. Avatar photoJames "UcMadScientist" Arber Post author

      Correct. However, the SIP mode is not supported by the MSTeams Sip Gateway.

      So whilst you can get the phone to do things like register directly to an SBC for failover, it is outside the Teams Ecosystem and thus not included here in the article.

      I will say, Yealink constantly come up with “creative” solutions to work around certification. Remember when they called the VP59 an “MTR-Lite”?
      Solutions like this might be cool, but make managing all these out-of-band solutions that may one day stop working, difficult.
      Not to say that MS hasn’t had their own fair share of stuff “stop working” earlier than they said.


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