Surface Hub 2 Notes

By | September 25, 2018

(these are notes taken during a session and are in a draft only!)

Ali started off the Surface Hub 2 demo with the trailer

“Turn any space into a work space”

4K Cameras.

New Pens

Meeting join is incredibly quick.

4K+ Screen resolution

Roll is a little jittery on this beta hardware. I’d expect that to improve

Appears to run the new Windows 10 Whiteboard allowing persistent whiteboards

New snap experience. more UX hints on how to snap.

Screen looks amazing. I’m looking at it almost a 120 degree angle and its not washed out at all.

Tiling, dynamic rotation and multi user login comes on surface 2X, presently limited to 4 tiles, feedback may change this.

2S “Fully upgradeable” to 2X using a replaceable “Processor Cartridge”

2X will be online only. No hybrid or on-Prem support

presenters gave away 3 Surface studios.

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