Summary of Microsoft Build Announcements for UC, IC and Modern Workplace

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Unfortunately being located over here in Australia I can’t drag my butt to every conference in the states, so I have to attend remotely via video streams and the twitter community. But I really do enjoy seeing all the stuff that is coming to the Office365 stack in relations to Intelligent Communications

I’ve been following along using the live stream over here and I’m excited to see whats coming.


Cortana Meeting Organizer

This was shown off as part of the Teams Conceptual Session (1:23:00) by Raanah Amjadi

Raanah used Cortana on what appears to be the Harmon Kardon Invoke to kick off an adhoc meeting by simply saying “Hey Cortana, Setup a meeting right now with the smart building team to discuss the new project proposal we’re creating”

Cortana then goes and checks the users involved in the “Smart Building Team” and advises they are all free, then asks Raanah where they would like to meet.

A nice feature here is that Raanah simply asks “Find me a conference room with a Surface Hub” to which Cortana responds “Team SCRUM room is available now too, want me to book it?” and the setup is finalized with a simple “Yes Please”


This is also shown off integrated deeply into Teams and Office later in the presentation with Cortana automatically offering to find meeting times when relevant phrases are said in the chat. Checking and suggesting meeting times for you.


New Meeting Room Device

This looks like someone said ‘What happens if we take the CX5500, Pump it into Teams and Microsoft Graph and then stuck it in a Cornetto?’

Well apparently you get this thing, Not much was said about it other than it was a prototype device that you can pair with AI and Office365 has a 360 degree camera and  a mic.

I assume there is some cool logic going on with an internal Mic array as well as Cognitive services on the video feed to figure out exactly what is going on.

It was nice to see it welcome everyone to the meeting. With a slightly different greeting for each attendee, having the same over and over would get annoying pretty quick!

As well as greeting everyone that was an attendee you can see later in the clip that Katie, whom has a hearing disability brings her translator Julia into the meeting. Teams doesn’t recognize her. I assume this is because she wasn’t an attendee of the meeting.


Meeting Transcription with Intelligence

This appears to be an extension of the MS Stream transcription service that was demoed last year at MS Ignite and is rolling out to 365 Tenants right now on sterioids

During the meeting the device is taking live transcription and is making action notes of what is occurring in the meeting. Someone mention they are going to follow up afterwards? It takes a note of that! Ending the blame game and back and forthing on who was going to deliver what.

Okay, so its easy to think these guys are reading from a script, but as you watch the demo you can see the platform making corrections and some mistakes due to not quite understanding Kaite (which is understandable)

I love the fact that as part of the demo Raanah interrupted Dave midway through his “we should hold off” speech and Teams just kept working

Live Translation of Meeting Audio

Microsoft announced a while back that Teams can translate text inline for Teams chats. But here we can see that Diane is joined from a mobile device and the Transcript is being translated in near realtime, with what appears to be the option for her to “speak” back.


Also of worthy note is Diane clearly needs to clear her notifications (Maybe she should try that new Windows 10 build?)

Teams Client on the Microsoft Store

Note its available here if you have a Windows 10 S device or are running in Windows 10 S mode.


New Development API’s


Nothing in relation to Phone System/Calling API’s just yet. So don’t expect a call center solution just yet.


MS Build Sessions!

I’ve also linked a whole bunch of Teams Sessions that I think are relevant below.
I’ve created a fork of Alex Danvy‘s channel9 downloader but havent got it working yet.



Vision Keynote:

Technology Keynote: Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge:

Technology Keynote: Microsoft 365 Application Development:


Day 1 Sessions

Open for keynote:

Day 1 Wrap Up:


Pre-recorded Sessions

Authentication in Apps for Microsoft Teams:

Develop apps using the App Studio for Microsoft Teams:

Adaptive cards in Teams:

Automate team lifecycles with Microsoft Teams and Graph:

Working with external identities: Learn how to enable partners, suppliers and customers to access your applications:

Build the ultimate team hub with Microsoft Teams:



Other sessions worth looking at

Streamline business processes with Flow and Office 365:

Automating business processes and approvals with Microsoft Flow:

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