Stuck loading in Flight Simulator 2020?

Update: Try just closing the process and opening it again! it seems to help. #LaunchDayIssues?

Just a quick one to hopefully help anyone that’s installed the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 from the Microsoft Store. Potentially getting stuck with a progress bar after setting their accessibility preferences (the first thing the game asks you to do).

This happened for me on launch day on version but the fix may work for other versions too.

Try setting your graphics card preference for the UWP app, this seems to help the launcher not get stuck during the content check.

To set your Graphics Card Preference

In Windows 10, goto Settings > Display > Graphics Settings

Under Graphics Performance settings, select Microsoft Store app and Microsoft Flight Simulator in the drop downs and click Add

Now click on Options and select your high performance GPU

Yes, I “only” have a 1060 in my laptop

Now, Wait for the Download

Click Save, close all the windows, start Flight Simulator again and get cozy for a ~91GB download.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Downloading…

Hope this helps.

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