Skype4B Analog Device Manager Preview and Cheat Snippet

Argh, I couldn’t hold this in any longer.

I’ve been working on a nice little PowerShell GUI that speeds up the creation/administration of Analog devices in the Lync / Skype for Business with an external gateway.

The GUI does all the nice things for you making it simple to add/change voice policies, select OU (and even create them!)

Personally I’m a fan of it because I administer multiple environments, each with multiple gateways and it just gives me a nice visual reminder of all the associated voice infrastructure.

Anyway, Here’s a peek. I’m hoping to have a publicly available version soon.



Just a quick hat tip while I’m at it;

James Cussen The inspiration for me getting into Powershell GUI’s’
Stephen Owen Wicked Powershell GUI tutorial
Michaja van der Zouwen The tool uses Michaja’s Awesome OU Picker!

Otherwise if your just after a snippet of code to keep in your OneNote this one I knocked together a while back

It works well, edit the variables and paste into powershell.


$AnalogPhone ={

$AnalogLineURI = “tel:+61386408640;ext=8640″

$AnalogName = “Some Analog Device”

$Regpool = “”

$AnalogOU = “ou=Meeting Rooms,ou=users,dc=skype4badmin,dc=com”

$AnalogGW = “”

$VoicePolicyName = “VP_AU-Vic-Unrestricted”

$DisplayNumber = “03 8640 8640”

New-CsAnalogDevice -LineUri $AnalogLineURI -DisplayName $AnalogName -RegistrarPool $Regpool -AnalogFax $True -Gateway $AnalogGW -OU $AnalogOU -DisplayNumber $DisplayNumber

Get-CsAnalogDevice | where {$_.lineuri -eq $AnalogLineURI} | Grant-CsVoicePolicy -policyname $VoicePolicyName


& $AnalogPhone

9 thoughts on “Skype4B Analog Device Manager Preview and Cheat Snippet

  1. soder

    Just a quick one: what problems did you have with Greig Sheridans MADCAP tool?

    1. Dustin

      The advantage to this tool is that it has the OU selector. MAdCaP doesn’t appear to have that, unless I am overlooking it.

      1. Avatar photoJames Arber Post author

        The development on this tool has been postponed indefinitely. Grieg is a good bloke and I’m happy to point him to the OU selector code.
        He’s presently working on something else right now, but it shouldn’t take him too long to stick the selector in.

        1. Dustin

          I am following up with this. Any updates on when the OU selector will be added to MAdCaP? This is greatly appreciated. Thank You

          1. greiginsydney

            Whoops. I’d forgotten about that Dustin, sorry.

            We have a long weekend coming up and I’ve found a space to write in on the overflowing whiteboard of things to do… Stay tuned.

          2. Avatar photoJames Arber Post author

            I’d do something but I’m moving house.. still don’t have power. Thanks AGL

          3. greiginsydney

            Hey Dustin, do you have my contact details? If you send me a note or alert me via a comment on my blog (which I won’t publish) I’ll send you the result of my weekend’s effort to test-drive. MAdCaP has had quite the refresh…

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