Nectar Monitoring VKM Setup Script

Just a quick post on a small powershell script that prepares your Skype4B / Lync servers to support the Nectar UCF/UCD VKM pack.

This script will do most of the leg work in regards to configuring each host for the VKM deployment, you still need to build the RIG etc

  1. Adds the Nectar user to the servers Local Administrators (Domain joined machines only. Edge support one day)
  2. Installs SNMP and the required management tools
  3. Updates the SNMP config per Nectar requirements and your values
  4. Updates the Firewall rules to allow the RIG IP Address to connect to WinRM

Note: as part of the install your SNMP Settings on the host are reset, so if you have a custom SNMP config you may need to add it to the script.


  1. Create a new User in AD that Nectar can use on your Skype4B platform and set the password to never expire
  2. Obtain your RIG hostname and IP address
  3. Define you SNMP Attributes
  4. Update the Variables in the script with the above settings (Note the username is Case Sensitive)
  5. Run the script on each host as an Administrator

Grab it here Technet

TechNet Gallery: Download

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