Preparing for Teams: Export all your Exchange UM Prompts quickly!

A nice quick post today.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of migrating your aging Lync or Skype for Business deployment over to a new platform.

Well with Office365 no longer supporting Exchange UM, there is a need to export your existing UM prompts so you can import them into Teams Auto Attendants. (or your third party Auto Attendant solution.)

Thanks to a quick pointer from Brandon Stuart at PEI, I managed to spin up this quick script that will export all your existing prompts and place them in nice neat folders for you.

Simply place it in a folder and run from Exchange PowerShell.

It will create a folder for each Auto Attendant and export any uploaded sounds as MP3’s

Voila: There’s your prompts in all their poorly recorded glory!

I’ll probably get around to packaging and signing the script in the future. But I figure I’d rather put this out now rather than sitting on my “Todo” pile forever.

One thought on “Preparing for Teams: Export all your Exchange UM Prompts quickly!

  1. clay

    Is the export script still available for all UM prompts?


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