Infographic: User Status and Response Group Routing Methods

By | December 15, 2017

I figured I’d create this one as reading through the MS TechNet documentation on the matter can be a little time consuming and the wording can get confusing

The only routing method that allows calls to come in when “not green” is Attendant.
There is a little bit of flexibility when “Inactive” (5-10 minutes idle) but users that are Away (manually set or 10+ minutes) will not be presented calls.

For a bit more info.

Available: The default Available status or any custom status where the users Status Icon is green.

Inactive: When the user leaves their PC for a few minutes and Skype marks them as idle
By default its 5 minutes after the user last touches their PC *

Away: Any Yellow status other than inactive. this includes “Appear Away”, “Away”, “Off Work” and “Be Right Back”
By default this mode is invoked 5 Minutes after going inactive *

Busy: Any Red standard or custom status including “Busy” , “In a Meeting” or “In a Call”

DND: Any DND status, including “Do Not Disturb” and “Presenting”



If you want to adjust the timeout from Available > Inactive > Away it can be found under Settings > Status

Just remember that the second timer starts after switching to inactive

Hope this helps someone

2 thoughts on “Infographic: User Status and Response Group Routing Methods

  1. soder

    You should extend the Basic presence states with the secondary states as well (e.g. in-a-Call, presenting / in-a-meeting etc.) to sound more understandable to the enduser

    1. soder

      the table I mean, i did see the textual explanation of the colors, but the visual one gets sent to the enduser


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