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By | September 28, 2020
I wish I was here…

Well, Microsoft Ignite 2020 is over. And I’m still in the process of unpacking everything and writing up my thoughts. But for those of you that want a simple way to download everything without the 200kbs limit. I’ve quickly thrown together this ~200GB torrent with every publicly available session.

All this content was pulled using Michel de Rooij’s Get-EventSession.ps1 script. Check him out over at http://eightwone.com

Note: This is all publicly available data, I’ve just packaged it up nice for you to download!

Session Videos

All the sessions are up to date as of 28/09/2020
I’ve removed replays of Keynotes as they are exactly the same as the originals. I’ve left the replays of learning sessions and Ask the Expert sessions as they are delivered by different speakers and different questions get asked.


Grab it here


I don’t own any of this content and I’m just simply making this publicly downloadable content available to everyone in an accessible format to simply archive.
If you want to get in touch with me, or learn more about Microsoft Teams. head over to UcMadScientist.com

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