Hide the Polycom Trio “Sign Out” button

Another quickie.

I’ve had a customer report that their Polycom Trio’s were randomly signing out after being left idle and in some cases, the system would work for one call, then need to be signed in again.

Turns out the reception team had been cleaning the device between meetings (and not using the screen clean option buried in the options)

During the clean they would press sign out by mistake. Once they were finished an “are you sure?” prompt would be on the screen. Pressing yes would sign the device out needing IT to sign it in again.

To disable this behaviour simply add the following line to your Polycom FTP config

<PHONE_CONFIG feature.lync.hideSignOut=”1″></PHONE_CONFIG>

Hope this helps.

7 thoughts on “Hide the Polycom Trio “Sign Out” button

    1. Avatar photoJames Arber Post author

      Hi Benoit, This looks good.
      I might make a quick generator for these files at some point

    2. Bill Paris

      Benoit, I uploaded the “feature_lync_hideSignOut.cfg” file to the phone and voila, the Sign Out button is gone! You saved me many hours. Thank you!

  1. Robert Rayworth

    Benoit Quillet you are great thanks for sharing this!


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