Fix for SBA Installation “The Evaluation Period Has Expired”

So recently I have a fresh SBA install that failed to start the RTCSRV service.

TL;DR: if Get-CsVersion shows “Volume Licence Key Installed” try installing the latest CU.


A quick look and the RTCSRV service was failing to start.

A check in the Event logs under Lync server, showed event ID 12290. The evaluation period has expired.


So first thing, I checked that the licence key was actually installed with Get-CsVersion

Yep, looks okay. So lets try the old Lync Server fix by jumping into the installation folder at C:\sources\Setup on this AudioCodes and running msiexec.exe /fvomus server.msi EVALTOFULL=1 /qb

Great. That might be because we have a full licence.. so why does RTCSRV think we are a trial?

Let’s check the deployment wizard.

Yep that looks good, lets run step 2 again.

This fails as expected. Showing the the local CMS replica knows this machine is an SBA


Lets try a repair install in the SBA Web interface.

Nope still fails.

Okay lets uninstall server.msi reboot re-install and try again


Still no go, Just for kicks, lets try installing the latest CU


Lo and behold now the services will start.

I hope this helps someone else out as it took me far to long to diagnose.

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