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By | February 6, 2017

I recently has a requirement to filter through a customer’s 200 odd RGS Groups to find areas that had little or no agents assigned causing a high abandoned rate of calls. I knocked something quick and nasty together in the ISE at the time, but thanks to someone digging through our phone lines at home on Friday I figured I could write some better code that actually works as a tool.

This script takes no input and will output each RGS Group as its own PS Object to the pipeline enabling you to pipe its output to Export-CSV or Export-HTML or whatever you have waiting in the pipeline.

By default it will find any RGS Group with zero agents but you can pass it the UserCount parameter to get a list of the RGS queues that have UserCount or less. Great for finding that group that’s causing your high abandonment rate


Script must be run from a PowerShell prompt with the Skype4B management tools and with an account that has at least RGS Administrator rights.

Revision History:

v1.0: Initial Release


Head on over to the Technet Gallery to grab it


PS C:\> Locate-CsRgsUnstaffedQueues.ps1     Finds all the RGS response groups with no users assigned
PS C:\> Locate-CsRgsUnstaffedQueues.ps1 -Usercount 5    Finds all the RGS response groups with 5 or less users assigned



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