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By | September 3, 2016

Another one of my reviews that I’ve had in my OneNote for ages (12mths plus) and I’ve been meaning to get to. Grieg Sheridan has a great review over here.. With included Simpsons lego for scale. Go read that instead 😀

Embrava has now released a wireless model that offers 8 hours of runtime when set to dim light (which is still pretty bight) that should be worth a look
Anyway, to the review

The BlyncLight Plus from Embrava is a welcome update to the standard Blynclight offering functionality previously only offered by the Kuando Busylight at 3 times the price.

It’s the simple features make the Blync Light a welcome addition to the office space.

Things like being able to manually set your status using the Blync app without changing your status in Lync/Skype4B, changing the colour or tones offered for each event is also a plus over Kuando’s offering

However where Kuando does shine is in the tools they include free as part of their driver to alter the behaviour of Lync/Skype4B itself. With call centre experience they understand that a user wants to automatically send a call to voicemail when they are on a call, rather than popping a toast and annoying the user. However Embrava have been improving their software in spades over the last 12 months and now offers a full gamut of features
Both the Blynclight Plus and the BusylightUC were tested in both a full client and a Lync VDI scenario.. as many call centres use VDI. These devices offer to solve a problem with most VDI installations in that thin clients with small or no speakers are sometimes unable to alert a user to a call when they are away from their desk.

For the price of a set of speakers, you can solve this issue with the added value of a visual presence indicator.

Both Vendors offer MSI packaged installers for quick rollout via Group Policy/SCCM to a ton of clients

Blynclight even offers a nice status cheat sheet for when you are running the units in your POC and you get the dreaded “What is that for” questions.. This is SUPER handy as I take my Blynclight with me to customer sites and use it as an indicator to try and stop the interruptions during a deployment and has I’m typically in headphone land it can be hard for other users to tell if I’m listening to music or actively on a call.
I had notes on how the whole lot worked in a VDI environment, but with how everything in Skype4B VDI has changed over the last 12 months, I’m a little out of touch with the current setup. But the Embrava connect software addresses this now with a built in option to get data from the Skype4B server rather than having to redirect your USB devices to the VDI session.

2016-09-03 18_12_22-Blynclight Plus Review - OneNote
Anyway, Figured I’d post this that have it sitting around in my OneNote forever. Enjoy!

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