My name is James Arber and I’ve been working with technology in one way or another since the early 2000s 
I’ve worked for government, private sector, mining and even rural community networking 
I’ve had the benefit of working with no budget and more than enough budget so I understand that we can’t all afford blade clusters and other such nice toys
I’ve been a consultant part of a firm since 2010 and I’ve basically decided to start this blog so other IT pros can find information when googling and just come across handy info that typical vendor certifications just don’t tell you.
Most of the information I will post here is gleaned from real life experiences working for my customers or testing in my labs.
This blog is mainly for small to medium sized environments where money is not infinite and you can’t just outsource everything.

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  1. Kim Parks

    I need help installing polycom realpresence trio visual +. The 500 page admin guide isn’t cutting it. We use S4B via E3 licenses and use an astreks server. Can you help a dummy out? I instructions you list for the polycom 500 would be AWESOME.

  2. James "UcMadScientist" ArberJames Post author

    I just recently did a build using the Trio with O365 and E3, no PSTN integration however as the client didnt want it.

    I’m a Skype4B admin most of the time but we do have some asterisk guys here, I’d imagine you would need to dual register it as E3 licences don’t grant you voice licencing in Lync/Skype4B

    The trio is configured VERY similarly to the VVX series of phones from a SIP perspective, so if you have infrastructure to support the VVX series with your asterisk build that might work.

    Unfortunately I’m waiting on my lab unit as getting loan units right now is really hard, but if you were just looking for something that works as a client for dial in conferencing you can step up to E5 for just that unit or add a dial in conferencing number to your O365 tenant.

  3. Miroljub

    Hallo James,

    I need advice haw to migrate two or more forests with their own 0365 tenant and Skype for Business and Teams operating in Island mode to one 0365 Tenant.
    The main company is mearging with their dother copanies and now they wont to hawe it all under one roof (0365 Tenant).
    Curent situation is that every company has their on Teneant, on prem Skype for Business and Teams operating in Island mode. The forest are connected with two way trusts.
    The idea is that Skype on prem will stay and the island mode with Teams too, bat to put all forest under one Tenant, that one from the main company.
    Is this possible and what will be the best way to accomplish that?


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