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Solving Pesky TLS Issues on Old Hardware

Part of being a Skype and Teams administrator is trying to reconfigure legacy hardware that’s been left in a corner for 5+ years and never updated. Problem is, the world has moved on since these devices were deployed and depending on what firmware they were running when they were deployed. They likely won’t talk with… Read More »

Running Doom on a Teams ISDN Gateway?

Hey, and welcome back to UcMadScientist. As you might know from my Previous Article. I recently reverse-engineered the VGA pinout on a Sonus/Ribbon SBC 1000’s ASM. The ASM is an interesting module as it’s more of a server than anything else with its own little bus to the main SBC processor and connection to the… Read More »

Ribbon SBC 1000’s Dirty Little Secret VGA Port

Did you know Ribbon’s been hiding a dirty little secret from you? You can totally see the console on your SBC 1000’s ASM and interact with the machine directly! As per Damien’s article over here, Sonus/Ribbon provide VGA access to their ASM modules in the event you need to reflash the unit and don’t want… Read More »