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Blynclight Plus Review

Another one of my reviews that I’ve had in my OneNote for ages (12mths plus) and I’ve been meaning to get to. Grieg Sheridan has a great review over here.. With included Simpsons lego for scale. Go read that instead 😀 Embrava has now released a wireless model that offers 8 hours of runtime when… Read More »

Response Group calls to Skype4B client work, Polycom VVX Phones Fail with CAC enabled

Figured I’d post this one quickly and hopefully it will help someone else, I don’t have time to replicate the issue in my lab so don’t have any screenshots more detailed info I’m afraid I recently had an interesting one where a customer had deployed Skype4B I with another integrator in a hurry and had… Read More »

Long Term Review: Plantronics Focus UC

I know your all waiting for the Cloudbond followup, but I’m back with another Plantronics headset review. I meant to quickly review this before IgniteAU last year but everything’s been a little busy since then, So I’d figured I’d post this as a more long term review than just a first impressions. As always, Full disclosure.… Read More »

Fixing the Win + Y shortcut for Skype For Business 2016

Like many of you I’ve been a big fan of the OCS / Lync / Skype4B stack for many years. And as an avid user of Lync/Skype4B 2013 I would use the “Windows + Y” global shortcut several times a day. The Shortcut For those of you who don’t know, on Lync 2013 pressing the… Read More »

Delegates continually re-appearing in Skype for Business / Lync

So I recently had an issue I was called out to address at a customer’s environment where the delegate sync notification “You were added as a delegate for Joe Blogs” would appear over and over for a multitude of users The first this was to check was that it was being correctly logged in the users… Read More »

Citrix strips logging information from UCCAPI log

I recently had an issue with a client deployment where when attempting to sign in from a particular box. The Lync 2013 client would take my user details and spit out a very generic error message (as is usually the case in Lync) So I fired up snooper to begin troubleshooting the issue and found… Read More »

The Battle of the Lync Speaker Phones

Update: Paul Bloem from UCSorted has reviewed the newer, bigger Jabra 810 Check it out here I’ve always taken Handsfree Phone calls for granted, one of my earliest jobs was fitting Mobile Phone handsfree kits into cars. Back then Bluetooth was a weird and mysterious technology that few people understood and fewer people knew how… Read More »

Windows 10 Preview Breaks Win+Y Shortcut

Update: This has been resolved in Windows 10 Build 10162 For anyone that is a heavy user of Lync/ Skype For Business, especially for voice calls. The “Win+Y” shortcut is one of the best keyboard shortcuts you can know. For those that aren’t aware, pressing “Win+Y” from anywhere in Windows whilst Lync / Skype4B is… Read More »