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How I moved from the Powershell ISE over to Visual Studio for my Skype4B scripts Part 2. The Return of the VB ISE!

Part 2 The Return of the VB ISE! This is a continuation of my adventures into moving to Visual Studio from the Powershell ISE you can find Part1 over here, go read that if you havent to get all caught up. Right, When we left off we had just installed Visual Studio, Connected it with Visual Studio… Read More »

How I moved from the Powershell ISE over to Visual Studio for my Skype4B scripts Part 1

Wait another part 1? But he hasn’t finished the Audiocodes CloudBond Review… Yeah I apologise for that. I’ve been pulled off to a customer site and I’ve had to rebuild my lab. So that’s coming soon. Anyway, I was asked on twitter to document the process of me moving over to Visual Studio and Git… Read More »

Response Group Timeframe Editor Powershell GUI

Update 10/7/2017 : Version 1.21 Fixes an issue where new time frames went created. Revision History :v1.21 Fixed a bug I introduced in 1.2 re-error checking when creating a new object :v1.2: Implemented the New Time frame feature properly Fixed a bug with Null entries causing alot of errors Fixed a bug with removing malformed RGS entries Added… Read More »

Prepare and Configure a Polycom Real Presence 300/310/500/700 Group Series for Skype for Business / Lync

Update: it appears the 6.1.2 update allows registration to Office365 without switching to Skype Mode or needing a Touch panel. I’ll test this more in depth when I get back to the office. Looking for more detail? Polycom Legend Jeff Schertz has done two brilliant articles going in depth on the Group Series for both… Read More »

Playing with NAT on a Watchguard for non primary IP addreses

Yeah, I can already hear you saying “Why would I need to do this?” Well, you can have a few reasons. For example you can NAT different subnets out different IP addresses for multi tenancy. Configure Natting for optional interfaces. Or as in the case I had recently… your ISP buggers up BGP. Feel free… Read More »