“New” Teams 2.1 and VDI, You better get ready!

Are you still using Windows Server 2016?Citrix older than 1912 LTSR CU6? (Oct 2022)VMWare older than Horizon 8.4? (Sept 2022)You might want to read this article! One of the topics I recently discussed at the Melbourne UC Meetup was the impending forced upgrade of the Microsoft Teams Classic client. Microsoft has done a great job… Read More »

Convert User/VoiceApp Numbers on Telstra Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Australian users rejoice. Telstra has recently deployed a new Operator Connect offering for Microsoft Teams, making administration of your numbers and environment considerably easier.In this article, I will show you how to Convert User/VoiceApp Numbers on Telstra Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams. Context For those not aware, previously, Telstra offered a product called “Telstra Calling… Read More »

Issues Upgrading to Teams Native mode when using Cloudflare DNS

Recently I ran into an issue upgrading my test Teams tenant from hybrid Skype4B mode to Teams only mode. When running I was getting an error advising that one of my domains was currently homed on a Skype for Business deployment, interestingly a domain that has never had Skype4B on it. This wasn’t an IP… Read More »

Poly Rove is a Teams DECT Phone? It’s more likely than you think! (HowTo)

Ah yes, referencing an early 2000’s NetNanny meme in my opening? I’m sure it makes a nice change from my normal content. Welcome back to UcMadScientist. Today we are talking about Microsoft Teams and Cordless Phone handset solutions. For the longest time since the launch of Teams calling. Customers have been looking at replacing their… Read More »

Faster Sonus/Ribbon Log File Analysis with PowerShell

Have you ever written a cool tool, put it up on GitHub and then totally forgotten to tell everyone about it? Well, I wrote a call Sonus/Ribbon PowerShell log parser and forgot to tell everyone. And it’s super embarrassing! Why? I got so sick and tired of firing up Ribbons on “LX” tool every single… Read More »